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Depending on the season, the weather in-game may become either rain or snow. While this weather does have a few consequences, it is generally only cosmetic.

About Weather


Rain will occur during all seasons except leaf-bare. This rain will cause water to pool in the tunnel under the Thunderpath. You can still use smooth stones to hop across the water, however. During rain, fish spawn more often, while ground prey spawn less often. 


Snow will only occur in leaf-bare. Even though the ground is perpetually covered in snow, it does not snow all the time. Curiously, the tunnel under the Thunderpath will flood if it is snowing as well. This may mean that the game assumes that any weather will cause water to pool down there, possibly a carry-over from previous versions, where snow was unimplemented. Like Rain, Snow will cause prey to respawn less often.


  • Snowfall was added in v15, along with seasons.
  • When it rains or snows, the screen will dim and become visibly darker.

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