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Welcome To Warrior Cats Untold Tales Wiki

Welcome to Warrior Cats Untold Tales Wiki, or known as WCUTW! Here, you can write informative articles about the Warrior Cats Untold Tales universe! Warrior Cats Untold Tales is a fan-made Warriors by Erin Hunter game by Falcon star. We love new members and players, but before you start editing, you may want to check a couple places first.

Coding and Wiki Tips -If you are new to Wikicode and/or wikis, this is a good place to learn the fundamentals. Even if you need a refresher, you may learn something new!

Policy:Userpage -Please check here and make sure your userpage fits in within the rules set down.

Policy:Signatures -Also check here and make sure your signature fits within the rules set down.

Policy:Manual of Style -This makes sure all articles are consistent. It's a nice thing to know and find, and better to find out now and not later!


If you need an admin, there are two people who can help you. Message them on their talkpage and they will get to you as soon as they can:

Falcon star

Warriors is copyrighted to Erin Hunter and Harper Collins. We do not own warriors or any characters, and with this game, we are not trying to take ownership of warriors, only provide the fan-base with an enjoyable warriors game.We also do not own many graphics (including, but not limited to, cat graphics). We are not attempting to say they are ours. We have recolored them, but we give complete credit to the creator of these sprites.
By Loveleaf

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