Version 4
Date Released: Coming Soon!
Notable Differences: Different Music was Added
Notable Bugs: Dead cats would appear with Numerical names

Version 4 is one of the previous versions of Warrior Cats - Untold Tales.


Version 4 was released at an unknown time, following Version 3 of of Warrior Cats Untold Tales. Version 3 save files can be used in Version 4. There were few changes, evidenced by the compatibility of the save files.

The music was changed to add another song, "Witchwood" by Bjorn Lynne. This also fixed the dead times where there was no background music playing in Version 3.

The bonus shop was also slightly modified, giving an option to make a new cat, while keeping all unlocked features and bonus coins.

The apprentice assessments were also made slightly easier, as your sparring cat no longer runs away from you and needs less damage to call the lesson.


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