Version 14
Date Released: Sept. 1, 2011
Notable Differences: Moonstone
Notable Bugs: Feverfew Glitch
Version 14 is the previous version of Warrior Cats - Untold Tales.

New Features

Version 14 was released September first, 2011. Following Version 13.1 of of Warrior Cats Untold Tales. Version 13.1 save files cannot be used with Version 14 games. This version had many glitch fixes and item additions.

Glitch Fixes

There were many glitch fixes in this version. A list of these fixes are as follows:

  • Fixed a kit color preview glitch.
  • Fixed an eye color glitch.
  • Fixed the eye-depth glitch.
  • Stones can no longer be placed near the edges of an area (to prevent a 'stuck' glitch with bridges.)
  • Fixed a glitch which would put you in the wrong area upon leaving the bonus shop in ShadowClan.
  • Addressed an issue which allowed you to heal all hunger/thirst by pressing <ENTER> anywhere at twolegplace
  • Fixed a glitch which allowed you to move while renaming a rogue.
  • Fixed the spontaneous apprentice-changes-to-another-cat glitch.

Rogue Fixes

However, there were many additions to the game, especially to the rogue aspect of the game. Rogue suffixes ("kit" and "paw") now affect their size. Moss was also added and attracted rogues better than brambles. As well, when playing as a rogue, a patrol of up to three rogues can be taken hunting or fighting. There were also changes to rogue mates. The player now must attract mates to your camp. To do this, one must have a bed of moss in a large den with thicket walls, prey, and shiny things. In addition, rogue mates will now have your custom clan symbol above their heads. Rogue kits will no longer have the "kit" suffix or speak of becoming a warrior. Stones being used as bridges can now no longer be taken by a NPC cat. The player can no longer place brambles on a NPC cat.

Other Fixes

There were also additions to other parts of the game. Prey now spawns quicker, along with fish being more common during rain. Two new areas were added, being the Moonstone and Mothermouth, which grants a gift every 15 days if visited. Clan kits now have their name match their rank. Apprentice training was also modified; apprentices have a fighting EXP bar, and if the fighting and hunting bars max out, they will become warriors and increase in size, though they will remain with the player. Other general fixes include potential mate NPCs giving gifts if they like the player character enough, and the kittypet collar now coming in red, green, and blue.


  • This is the first version Developer Diaries were used.

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