Ok,new story.


I opened my eyes to blackness.Strange,I thought.Shouldn't it be...colorful?I opened my mouth to mewl for milk,but no sound came out. A horrible laugh filled my ears, and suddenly I couldn't feel anything except flooded through my body, and agony clenched my heart. "Mother!"I managed,but no there was no response. Suddenly, the pain stopped...and I fainted.

Chapter One

"What happened?" Mistysong gasped, bursting into the medicine den. Splashleaf bowed her head."I'm afraid your kit will not live. Clawfur placed her on the ThunderPath and..."Mistysong shrieked."But-but surely she'll live.."Panic held her tight,alert. "Ma-" her kitten made a small noise;Mistysong sighed. "Oh,kit..."her voice trailed off unceirtanly. "Don't worry." whispered Splashleaf, her tongue gently licking the kit's head. "But how can I not worry?!" Mistysong burst out, her tail waving. "She might live." SPlashleaf straightened up. "She might live!" she repeated, her eyes determined.

Mistysong gasped and curled her tail around the kitten,murmuring softly. "Luckykit...Luckykit..."no one spoke.Everyone knew that thid=s strange kitten

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