aka Kitty

  • I live in Beacon Academy, Vytal
  • I was born on June 20
  • My occupation is Huntress-in-Training
  • I am female
  • ~Onyxrose~

    Random Story...

    September 23, 2012 by ~Onyxrose~

    (I should reallt continue my Luckykit story, but oh well.)

    Wind whipped through the trees, startling the silver cat who streaked through the forest below.

    "What was that?" she murmured to her companion, a reddish-brown tom.

    "The wind, mouse-brain." he answered, a growl in his voice. The she-cat nodded.

    "Okay. Follow me." her white-tipped tail waved in the breeze as she sped up, her feet a blur.

    "Where are we going?" called the black one, careful to keep his voice low.

    "That doesn't matter." spat the female, glaring at the tom.

    "Sorry Mistyrose. I, um, oh never mind." The tom mumbled.

    Mistyrose didn't answer, but she did snicker a bit. "You know...we should-oh! We're here!" She stopped and looked around. "Ah. My real home." she sighed.

    "What?" the t…

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  • ~Onyxrose~

    Ok,new story.

    I opened my eyes to blackness.Strange,I thought.Shouldn't it be...colorful?I opened my mouth to mewl for milk,but no sound came out. A horrible laugh filled my ears, and suddenly I couldn't feel anything except flooded through my body, and agony clenched my heart. "Mother!"I managed,but no there was no response. Suddenly, the pain stopped...and I fainted.

    "What happened?" Mistysong gasped, bursting into the medicine den. Splashleaf bowed her head."I'm afraid your kit will not live. Clawfur placed her on the ThunderPath and..."Mistysong shrieked."But-but surely she'll live.."Panic held her tight,alert. "Ma-" her kitten made a small noise;Mistysong sighed. "Oh,kit..."her voice trailed off unceirtanly. "Don't worry." whi…

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  • ~Onyxrose~


    December 15, 2011 by ~Onyxrose~,hi.I'm new...obviusly.And I dunno whadda,bye.

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