• XXNightShadowXx

    New ideas

    November 21, 2011 by XXNightShadowXx

    Hey i know im new to the forms (sorry if i sound like a nerd) but i got some ideas for the game:

    • Weather *like if your a rouge kits will die from the cold if you dont bring them something*
    • Sickness *kits, warriors, ext*
    • New bonus thing, Leader mode Good/Evil *Evil: were you can be like TigerHeart/Star and try to become leader by being a killer. Good: become the leaders fav and rise to leader*
    • Fire
    • Flood
    • Blizzard *weather*
    • Other kittypets/twoleg homes *twoleg place, can jump into the nests and get food/prey*
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