NightClan is my rouge Clan, that is still a work in progress. More pictures to come soon, this will also be posted on my profile.


My clan, NightClan. Around 70% done.

Leader: Nightstar (Me!)

Deputy: Breeze (My mate)

Medicine cat: None yet

Medicine cat apprentice: None yet

Warriors: Bluefur, Lightleaf, Spottedstorm, Scarredeye, Stripedear.

Guards (Warriors who guard camp): Yellowfang, Mousepelt, Frostface, Mudtalon, Silverfur, Fireheart, Greystripe. (More added as I manage to make out their names, LOL.)

Queens: Leopardtooth, Crystalnose.

Apprentices: None yet.

Elders: None yet.

Kits: Darkkit, Lakekit, Tigerkit, Brownkit, Crowkit.

My daughter: Blackflame.

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