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    This is a list of some things I would like to be added to a v16 that most likely won't happen.

    Yeah not all of these can happen.

    I would just like these things in the game.

    And yes I know this is long.

    • Chervil being found near Snakerocks and being used for medicine cat quests
    • Being able to talk to the wandering cats found on your territory
    • Losing reputation for killing a cat in battle
    • Activating the ability Killing Bite will take away some reputation (it's considered dishonorable)
    • Occasionally, cats can die and be replaced by new ones as the generations pass
    • Bramblekit and Longkit can grow up into warriors and be replaced by new kits once they are apprentices
    • WHERE THE HECK IS GREYKIT?! (Add him to the nursery for ThunderClan)
    • Talking to the kits
    • More b…

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    Oh... oh no

    February 26, 2017 by WikiGuestUser

    I put a rabbit down in my Clan, EarthClan. (It's a rogue Clan.) I put it in the nursery on a nest, kind of like one of the queens was having kits soon. And then I went to sleep, forgetting that the way I had just thought out, the kit/s would arrive sometime next season. But when I woke up...


    Don't question the random gaps in the wall.

    Well, it's because my cats get prey, and since most of them are right next to a wall, I can't get it if it's just thickets.


    I don't think that's supposed to happen?

    Correct me if I'm wrong.



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    I was playing on my 2nd save file with my ShadowClan she-cat named Lionflower. I noticed that I was gaining A LOT of reputation and experience.

    I realized that it's probably because ShadowClan has the hunting bonus, carrionplace, lots of herbs, and doesn't fight ThunderClan and RiverClan often.

    Think about it.

    Every piece of prey can give 2 reputation if dropped on the fresh-kill pile.

    You can hold 9 pieces of prey at once.

    With the hunting bonus, it takes about 2 seconds to get a single piece of prey successfully.

    That's 18 seconds of hunting prey.

    But then there's the time wandering around looking for prey.

    Let's assume that the "finding the prey to target" part takes 1 minute in total.

    Actually, 1 minute 30 seconds.


    1 minute and 48 seconds t…

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    Burrkit and Jumpkit

    February 18, 2017 by WikiGuestUser

    This is my first blog.

    Yep, you don't care.


    I recently saw these two pages:



    If you read them, you'll notice that they both say that the kit the page is about goes missing.

    In every Clan, only one kit can go missing during Leaf-bare.

    I noticed that the WindClan Cats page shows that Jumpkit goes missing, and that Jumpkit's page has screenshot evidence, like the pages for Gleamkit and Thornkit. (Longkit doesn't have a page yet, maybe I'll fix that.) From this I can assume that Jumpkit is the one that goes missing, and Burrkit never does. Either Burrkit's page should be deleted, or edited.

    Mangoes! (Goodbye)

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