First blog..



I wanted to talk about an addition to the wiki that I think would help.

I posted this on the talk page for ThunderClan cats, too.

Here is what I wrote:

"I think that we should have more pages for NPC cats than we already do. Not cats like Bramblekit or Hawkclaw, but cats that give quests. We could have a page for Elders though and include Hawkclaw, Nightfeather, Banewhisker, and Windytail. Kits don't do anything, though, so we might not do a page for that. But the main thing I want is pages for the NPCs that give quests. We could have a page for Shinefur, one for Streamtail, one for Riftclaw, and one for... Tatteredpelt? I think? Whatever. We could also have pages for Preyheart, Coldfur, Jaggedtooth, and Tanglepelt. We could have pages for Snowheart, Mousepounce, Spotridge, and Torn...feather... I think... (I don't really remember ShadowClan names sorry) 

About what I brought up earlier, we could have a page for Elders. We could also have a page for Leaders. We have a page for Trainers already, and each one does the same thing, so I think just a Trainers page is fine. We could have a page for even Prey-guards, maybe. (Don't know about that one... they don't do a whole lot.) 

I think this would provide some information other pages lack."

If you read all that, what do you think of this? I'm prepared to add a page for these.


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