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I found an easy way to collect Quest Items (e.g. Brambles, Shiny Things), and I would say it's really helpful on Rogue/Loner Mode.

There's nothing much you have to do but the following.

These steps are helpful in finding Rings, Smooth Stones and Brambles;

  • When you see one of the items (above), pick it up and move it to another tile
  • Go back to the tile you picked up your item from, and see if another item had appeared in the same place. If so, pick it up and move it. If not, exit the tile and go back again.
  • Stay to the edge of the tile (that you got your item from) and keep exiting and entering it until you see the item again. (This generally means to move back and forth)
  • You can keep repeating this until you got enough desired items you wanted.

It really helped me to collect Shiny Things (rings) In Rogue/Loner Mode. I just picked up the ring, put it somewhere else, went back to where I picked it up and kept exiting and entering until another ring appeared in it's place. Brambles usually show up the very next time I enter the tile, making it faster to make thickets by using only one tile.

A fews things to keep in mind are that for rings, it might take a little while until another one shows up, but if you enter and exit the tile enough, you will get one or two in less than 60 seconds. This also works for Herbs, but I hink you need to use the herb (give to a Medicine Cat OR let the other Clan steal it) before you try doing this.

Also, There are a few hotspots in the game for rings and if you enter the tile, exit, then enter again, a ring might appear. It usually works in the tile with the safe area of the Thunderpath, if you know what I'm talking about.

I hope this helps you out!

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