2/20/12, Sunday

It was a cold and rainy day the day I escaped. I never was like the other thunderclanners. I needed more. I needed power. So I left. The cats there never did trust me. I didn't need them and they didn't need me. They abandond me at fourtrees where I quickly ran off in search of a safe spot. I crossed over to Windclan's territory and made myself a safe den. I quicklyy grew lonely and built a den for my true love. Weeks went by but no cat came. Well, cats did come. But they were windclanners. I gradually got used to hunting rabbits and thrush. A few more days went by and windclan seemed to acknowledge my exsistence. They drove me off my land. I grabbed three pieces of freshkill, some shiny objects, and a few brambles. Then I traveled to Shadowclan territory. I found the carrion place. A mess but safe. I quickly re-built my love's den and a guard den just outside the opening the twolegs call a door. That's how I met Mudfang, my deputy. He was brave and loyal. He occaisionally brought home a piece of freshkill. And I also went out on patrols with him. He was a quiet cat. Next I built the Med. Cat den. That's when Yarrowear moved in. A beauitiful she-cat. I gather herbs for her often. Then, lastly, I met Lakeeye. She was a white she-cat with beautiful eyes. We go on a lot of hunting patrols together. I am still waiting for my true love to arrive and right now I am building my elders and apprentices den. Wish me luck,


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