First blog post ftw. C:

So anyway, I'm playing as Hawktalon, a ShadowClan warrior. I want to get an apprentice, so I save up my reputation, and get one. His Frogpaw! I'm like, "...That's...kind of a bad name." Because, who wants an apprentice known as Frogpaw, am I right?

So I train him and anything, and he catches a frog on his very first try! I'm like, "Wow...he really is Frogpaw!" Because, he seriously never fails in catching a frog.

Anywho, he grows up to be Frogtail. I hate that name. Frogs don't even HAVE tails!(Unless they're a tadpole...) I'm almost tempted to throw him onto the Thunderpath and kill him because I want an apprentice with an AWESOME name! (Because I got a cat named Snowcliff once. SHE WAS THE BEST! <33) So I decide to. Anyway, a monster runs RIGHT over him! And does he get killed?

Turns out that he's amazing at fighting, and he keeps beating deputies, novices, ambushers, etc. in battle. So I'm like, "How do I kill him? Hm...maybe I shouldn't kill him!" So I decide to keep him.

Well, one day, when I'm traveling to the Moonstone, a monster runs over him! Does he die this time? YES! I mourn for him, then I burry him in the underground tunnel that goes across the Thunderpath.

So basically, when I want Frogtail to die, he doesn't die. And whne I don't want him to die, he die!

That's kind of...weird, no?

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