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  • MossfireX

    First blog post ftw. C:

    So anyway, I'm playing as Hawktalon, a ShadowClan warrior. I want to get an apprentice, so I save up my reputation, and get one. His Frogpaw! I'm like, "...That's...kind of a bad name." Because, who wants an apprentice known as Frogpaw, am I right?

    So I train him and anything, and he catches a frog on his very first try! I'm like, "Wow...he really is Frogpaw!" Because, he seriously never fails in catching a frog.

    Anywho, he grows up to be Frogtail. I hate that name. Frogs don't even HAVE tails!(Unless they're a tadpole...) I'm almost tempted to throw him onto the Thunderpath and kill him because I want an apprentice with an AWESOME name! (Because I got a cat named Snowcliff once. SHE WAS THE BEST!

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