Okay, so here are a few things I wanted to share. I may add later, so check back:

  1. Stories are not to be put in the main namespace. We will always welcome stories, but please put them in a blog post or put them on a subpage of your userpage.
  2. Please do not make pages of cats not in the game.
  3. Please keep article writing in a formal manner - what you would read in an encyclopedia is what we are going for.
  4. Please sign with signatures. At the least, just sign your username.
  5. Make categories that are relevent.

More will probably be added soon. Please note I am not angered at anyone. This will be a wikia where everyone is allowed to make mistakes!

I remember my first wikia was a rather large one. They were very strict and I was horribly scared to edit. Never be afraid to edit. I will put stuff up for deletion or revise what you accidently do wrong. DO NOT ABUSE THIS PRIVLEGE.

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