"Sunkit. . . open your eyes, little one." A hushed voice whispered in my ear. I blinked my eyes open and saw a ghostly-white she-cat with glowing aqua eyes. "Welcome to StarClan." Her tail brushed upon my shoulder fur. "What am I doing here?" I meekly asked, still trying to shake away how tired I am. "Hush . . . you're dreaming." I looked over my shoulder. A beautiful and misty pool was behind me. "Darkness will overcome and a bright sun will rise above." Her voice echoed in my head. "SUNKIT! Wake up!" A squeaky voice meweled. I opened my eyes to see my littermate, Shadowkit. I groaned. "What's wrong?" He asked. "Just tired, that's all." I replied. "Oh," Our mother abandon us at a young age and our father got killed by a rogue. He was a RiverClan cat. When our mother and father were gone, I knew to go straight to RiverClan. We have a foster mother, Roseshine. "Roseshine!" I squealed. She goes out to see if the elders need bedding or anything sometimes but she still cares for us a lot. "Hello my little Sunkit." She licks the top of Shadowkit's and my's head. "Roseshine, when can we see all of RiverClan Camp?" Shadowkit asked. "Soon, little kits, soon." Her bright aqua eyes gleamed. I sighed. "How long is soon?" "In about . . . maybe tomarrow." She meowed.

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