My name is Darkpool. I am a rogue cat from outside the clans. I have searched for a suitable living space for moons, and finally, I found refuge here, in the space of the clans. Here, I will create a clan of my own, and continue my rogue legacy by being known as the founder of the fifth clan: FernClan.

This is the first moon of my existence here, in the territory of the clans. I have settled near a curious clearing between four tall trees, and now, I will make it my home.

I met another rogue cat on my way here. I was charmed by his smooth pelt and his ability to hunt. After staying with him for a quarter-moon, I asked him to come and settle with me, but he said he could not. I set off alone, and soon, I found that I was pregnant.

After finding this space adjacent to the four trees, I worked tirelessly for the past five sunrises to make it a good home, now and forever. I fetched brambles to protect myself from the fierce clan invaders, and built my nest from nearby items such as plants and small stones.  Soon, I had created a nice living space, which I would use to give life to FernClan.

My first kit was born soon after I finished building the camp. I named him Graykit, for his thick gray tabby pelt. I will have more kits soon, I know it. For now, I must find a way to care for Graykit and also keep myself healthy. It will not be easy, but with the abundant prey and rushing river nearby, I will never be short of resources.

I will work on building up a suitable pile of fresh-kill for my kits and future clan; there is much prey here just waiting to be caught. Until next moon, I will be watchful and wary of enemies and intruders.



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