aka dat boi!!!!

  • I live in the WindClan camp.
  • My occupation is being a windclan warrior.
  • I am a cat. Meow.
  • Jumpheart

    SharpClan Timeline!

    December 29, 2012 by Jumpheart

    -Sharpkit, future leader, is born.

    -Sharpkit becomes and appprentice.

    -Sharppaw become a warrior, under the name of Sharpfoot.

    -Sharpfoot exiled from clan

    -Attempts to join WindClan, but they chase him out, barely escapes death.

    -Changes name to Sharp; Makes his den and the future SharpClan camp

    -Has dream to make the 5th clan; WindClan/ShadowClan battle on his territory, both attack him

    -Den almost finished, another Wind/ShadowClan battle

    -More coming soon-

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