• Forever lasting forest

    Carrionplace-Day 5 of greenleaf-Okay, Found this place in sc terrtory....Might as well use this...Leaf thingy, Burnt wood works well on this, Might as well keep up with this, At the moment, Well nothing is that great, I need more cats....I'll work on places for other cats later, Anyway ought to hunt!-flareclaw (Each one last 1 season, One each week shall come out)Carrionplace-Day 7 of greenleaf-(This blog might be 2 seasons long sorry)Great, Got no prey,Might go hunting today, Some cats are drawning here...I've smelled their scents, A small group of loners, And milk, And a few rouges who well, I've never knew....I might as well get back to hunting |6:35 carrionplace|Just got back, I'm having good hunting, But i'm still looking for brambles…

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