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  • Ebonygaze

    Stormstar's backstory

    February 5, 2017 by Ebonygaze

    I was Stormwatcher. I was an outcast in my former clan, Thunderclan. I couldn't hunt well, I couldn't fight well, I was useless to my clan. However, I did have friends, like my mother (Also the deputy) Willowfrost, and my mate Smallcloud.

    But then, an accident happened. In the middle of leaf bare. My mother made me lead a patrol to a battle with Windclan near the gorge, but I accidently made most of them fall into the gorge all because of my cowardly actions. I was exiled when Smallcloud was expecting kits. Willowfrost promised me she'd invite me back over when she became leader, but she died. My daughter Flareshine decided to live in Riverclan because of everyone mocking her for her father.

    But when Newleaf came, there was hope. I made my o…

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  • Ebonygaze

    I already had a kit named Stormkit, and he grew up to be Stormlily. Is it possible to get another kit once your first kit becomes a warrior?

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