One day, Falconstar asked Purdy to throw blue whales from the top of a mountain next to Fourtrees and destroy the Clans. Purdy agreed to do that when Falconstar promised to give him 10 waffles a day for it. First, Purdy started off with destroying SkyClan in ancient Clan times, but SkyClan claimed it was the Twolegs making Twolegplace because they didn't know what a blue whale was.

Many years later, in the game Warrior Cats: The Untold Tales, Purdy continues to occasionally throw blue whales from the sky, but they don't destroy the Clans yet because they mainly fall on Fourtrees. Falconstar always gives Purdy his 10 waffles a day for doing that. Purdy also lives with Earthear on the mountain next to Fourtrees, throwing blue whales from the sky.

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