It was a rainy night, thunder shook the nursery but at the same time a silver she-cat was giving birth to kits. What she didn’t know was that kits grew up fast almost too fast. “what are you going to call them Moonlight?” asked her mate Duskshadow “the silver one that looks like me I will call willowkit, the black one that looks like you I will call darkkit and the white one there I will call…” she softly said “Dreamkit” Duskshadow touched the little kit on the head Dreamkit moved under his touch. “Moonlight” Duskshadow quietly said “be warned, be careful, because time will insure that one which seems not harmful will do a lot more, doom will fall like an apple falling from a tree and unless you wake up from this nightmare that you should never have to see” Said Duskshadow whose eyes had all the sudden gone cloudy “Duskshadow what do you mean” Moonlight mewed “what” he mewed in confusion, his eyes weren’t cloudy anymore “you j-j-just..” she stammered “nevermind what happened you must be tierd try to get some rest” he rubbed his muzzle against her silver cheek “I love you Moonlight” he murmered “I love you too” she mewed before falling asleep. (in Starclan) “Orchidstar!” Someone called from far off “I thought you said this day would never come! It’s happening and there is no stopping it” cried the cat again “I am sorry Fadingstar, t-t-this was never supposed to happen” mewed the light violet she-cat “there is only one way to stop it from happening” another cat called “I will never Fangteeth” Orchidstar snarled “no cat should leave a clan unless they have done something wrong” She growled “In which case they have” Mewed Fangteeth “which is?” fadingstar looked at him “ever being born” he snickered and left without another word… “what should we do” cried Orchidstar.

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