Chapter one

One moon later… “Yay we can finally go outside isn’t this great darkkit?” willowkit called “yeah” he squealed in delight as he stumbled out of the bramble wall “Wow” Dreamkist eyes widened at how big the camp was “lets explore!” Dreamkit mewed “OKAY” Willowkit and Darkkit jumped on top of me and giggled “whats in here it looks like the nursery?” Darkkit whispered “lets cheack it ut come on” willowkit mewed. Dreamkit, Darkit and Willowkit jumped in to the walls only to be met by a huge white cat “ahhhh” all the kits screamed “what are you doing here in the medicine den” the white she-cat asked “we… were… uhhh … RUN” the three kits ran out of then den and ran back to the nursery “hello kits, are you looking around camp?” a brown tom asked “yes” Dreamkit mews “and this is our first time out” added Darkkit “ahhh you must be Moonlight’s kits, correct” he asked “why should whe tell you” Darkkit huffed “yes” mews Willowkit “ahh, well welcome to the warriors den kits” he mewed “whats your name?” Dreamkit mewed “Branchfur” Branchfur mewed with warm eyes “oh I am Dreamkit, the black one is Darkkit and the silver one is Willowkit” Dreamkit Mewed “very nice to meet you” Dreamkits eyes sparkeled with joy, Branchfur was one of my favourite cats I had met yet. “good bye Branchfur” the kits called.

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