The Dawn of a New Cat

Dawnfeather woke up in the warrior's den, her eyes sparkling. She shook her black fur as she got out of the nest. She then proceeded to bound out of the den. My first day as a warrior! She thought excitedly. She bounded out of the camp, hunting outside of camp. It was Greenleaf, and she hunted all day, ending up with a bunch of prey. She got two bonus coins from Nightfeather, happily getting an apprentice.

She ate some prey with her new apprentice- Bluepaw. They hunted ogether the next day, and Bluepaw was happy with her new mentor. Skystar seemed to be friendly to Dawnfeather. 

Dawnfeather soon set her eyes on a tom named Mousefire. She gave him gifts, hoping to win him over. 

One day, she decided to go on a battle patrol for Preyheart. She brought Bluepaw with her, stupidly enough, before she had even taught Bluepaw any battle moves. Bluepaw took on a warrior larger than her. (Cliffhanger? Nah, i'm not that cruel.) The warrior was named Lilyheart, and although the cat was a sweet shecat who normally would try not to hurt a cat, she accidentally killed the small apprentice. Dawnfeather tried to rush over to help her apprentice, seeing as she had some goldenrod in her jaws just in case, but she was too late. The apprentice was dead. She cried as Riverclan called out a retreat, Lilyheart backing away from the apprentice in horror. Thunderclan retreated, not noticing the grieving mentor.

She sobbed as she picked up Bluepaw's body, the small apprentice limp in her jaws. She carried the apprentice to the camp, sobbing as she fell down in the center of camp as she set down Bluepaw's body.

Skystar walked up to her, repeating the words said for every lost apprentice: "They will be missed."

He walked away, no other words said.

Dawnfeather sniffled as she whispered in the dead apprentice's ear. "Y-you will b-be kn-known as Bl-Blueheart, f-for your b-bravery in b-battle." She nuzzled the apprentice as she sobbed.

Many moons passed. Mousefire had found a different mate, and Dawnfeather stifled her loneliness by hunting for Thunderclan. She had the most reputation in the whole clan, and she was assistant to the Medicine Cat and to the Deputy. She sighed as she decided it was time to get two bonus coins and turn them in for an apprentice.

She looked at her new apprentice, and despite their name, they were quite chatty. Silentpaw. 

They went on many patrols together, and eventually, Dawnfeather fell in love again. She decided one day to find shiny things for the tom she liked. She went on to the thunderpath to cross, but thinking of the dreamy tom, she didn't notice the monster roaring towards her. Silentpaw shouted out, but it was too late. She had been run over by the monster.

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