Blazie (TheMusicalCatAJ)

aka Mysticstar of Echoclan

  • I live in Echoclan/Emberclan
  • I was born on April 7
  • My occupation is Thread Leader of Echoclan
  • I am a catto
  • Blazie (TheMusicalCatAJ)

    Dawnfeather woke up in the warrior's den, her eyes sparkling. She shook her black fur as she got out of the nest. She then proceeded to bound out of the den. My first day as a warrior! She thought excitedly. She bounded out of the camp, hunting outside of camp. It was Greenleaf, and she hunted all day, ending up with a bunch of prey. She got two bonus coins from Nightfeather, happily getting an apprentice.

    She ate some prey with her new apprentice- Bluepaw. They hunted ogether the next day, and Bluepaw was happy with her new mentor. Skystar seemed to be friendly to Dawnfeather. 

    Dawnfeather soon set her eyes on a tom named Mousefire. She gave him gifts, hoping to win him over. 

    One day, she decided to go on a battle patrol for Preyheart. She b…

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