Name: Twoleg
Species: Human (or Known as Twolegs)
Clan: None
Found by: Snakerocks, ThunderPath, Walk Paths.
Rarity: Very Rare

Twolegs, also known as humans, are NPC enemies. They are one of, if not, the rarest type of enemies in the game.


Twolegs come in both Female and Male sprites. There seems to be no difference from the two except for their appearance. They both will kill you if you stay in their vicinity for too long. They will chase you around the map tile you are in and won't stop until they get to you, so you must be swift enough to escape. They will not, however, instantly kill you, meaning that when they are close to you, they will drain your health and kill you very fast!

There is a Twoleg Camp one tile close to RiverClan camp. It is separated from you by trees and can't be entered. Inside, there is a female twoleg, and an elderly male with a blue beard and blue hair; these twolegs never move so they can never harm you.

If they are chasing you on the Thunderpath, try to stay on the road until a monster comes and get off at the last second so that they hit the Twoleg. The Twoleg will disappear (similar to a dog), rather than go into a "wounded" sprite, unlike a dying cat.

IMG 0187

Twoleg in Shadowclan


Female twoleg west of RiverClan


  • Twolegs are approximately 15 times harder to find than dogs.
  • The only Twoleg that we know by name is GeorgeEmber's owner.
  • George is ONLY found if you pay Ember 40 reputation, he will NOT be found anywhere else
  • Rarely, twolegs will come in groups.
    Male Twoleg

    The male Twoleg in the Twoleg camp.

  • Twolegs, as well as dogs, are usually found near the Thunderpath(s), or around the WindClan moors. However, they can also be found in ShadowClan territory.

    Another female twoleg