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What Clan Located: ThunderClan, ShadowClan, WindClan
Prey Close: Mice, thrushes, frogs, squirrels
Dangers: Dogs, Twolegs, Monsters
Important Landmarks Un-explorable caves
Important Quests: Shiny Things

A Thunderpath is an area where monsters (cars) are found. The Thunderpath does not extend into RiverClan territory and is instead found on WindClan, ShadowClan, and ThunderClan territory. It forms a border between ThunderClan & ShadowClan. It also forms a border between ShadowClan & WindClan.



Cats quickly flee from monsters (cars) as of version 11.

Monster side

It is advised to avoid monsters, due to their extreme amount of damage they deal if hit. On rare occasions, if you run out of the Thunderpath, right before getting hit by a monster, you can survive with a small amount of health left. Before version 11, other cats didn't flee from the monsters, and this could be used as a way to kill and defeat enemies. This tactic can still be used currently, however it is significantly harder and risky. Dogs and Twolegs can rarely spawn around Thunderpath, making it even more dangerous to travel around. However, they can still be killed via the Thunderpath.

Around the Thunderpath your cat may encounter "Shiny Things".  These are supposedly dropped by Twolegs and have various uses. Your Clan's queen may task you with bringing one back and handing it to her. Your cat may use it to decorate their den or freshkill pile. The most important (and most widely used) method of usage is giving it to a chosen cat, to lure them into becoming your mate, as they are the best item for getting mates.

A tip when crossing the Thunderpath is to go across near to the bottom or right side of Thunderpath, as Monsters come from the Top and left side of Thunderpath.

Prey can appear in the middle of Thunderpath. It can be risky to hunt for it, because of Monsters on Thunderpath. If monsters run over the Prey or carcass, they will disappear from the area. It is suggested that if you have rogue cats following you, you can try sending them to hunt for prey on Thunderpath. Rogue cats do not take damage from the monsters that pass over them. Hence, making it easy for them to hunt in a dangers of Thunderpath.

There are a few areas close to Fourtrees where there are no monsters because of a curve in the Thunderpath; these areas are safe to cross at all times.

There is a tile near the Thunderpath around the Thunderclan & Shadowclan border where you can go into a tunnel, which leads under the Thunderpath to the other side. This provides safe passage across Thunderpath without having to deal with Monsters. In v15, it is represented as wooden stairs, whilst the other versions use a different sprite to represent it.


Shiny Things regularly are found near Thunderpath, especially the Thunderpath tiles near Snakerocks, making for an excellent place to go for the appropriate Queen quest, etc.


  • When it is raining or snowing, a puddle will appear in the tunnel under the road. For non-RiverClan cats, correctly-placed stepping stones can allow the player to walk across safely. However, it will go away after it stops raining.
  • In version 1, there were no monsters on the Thunderpath.
  • Dogs and Twolegs are most commonly found in Thunderpath tiles.
  • There are no monsters on curved Thunderpaths.

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