What Clan Located: ThunderClan and RiverClan border
Prey Close: Fish, mice
Dangers: ThunderClan and RiverClan cats
Important Landmarks The river
Important Quests: Territory dispute and smooth stones
Sunningrocks is near a river on the border of ThunderClan RiverClan territories and is a frequent area for battle.


Sunningrocks is a landmark where ThunderClan and RiverClan battle, due to the rocks once being owned by RiverClan. However, after the river had changed the direction of its flow, Sunningrocks was no longer an island and thus accessible by ThunderClan who claimed it as theirs. Stretching from the left top-most corner of the tile is the river, which curves and zigzags down to almost the bottom left-most corner. There is a small 'pebble path' to walk across if you aren't part of RiverClan. It is another important, but an unimportant aspect of the game.


If you ask the Clan deputy of RiverClan or ThunderClan for a mission, they have a chance of asking you to go Sunningrocks to fight in a battle. If you accept, and if you win the battle, you are rewarded with 7 reputation points. You can also go there to get smooth stones for the Clan queen, though there are much less violent places to go for smooth stones. Going one square south will bring you to an area where you can get smooth stones, as well as apples.