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StarClan is a place that can be visited in versions 11 and earlier of the game. As of version 12 and onward, StarClan is inaccessible.


When you lay your cat to sleep each night, there is a 1 in 4000 chance to wake up in StarClan. Because of this, there's only been a couple of people who have seen StarClan before. You won't be able to do anything in StarClan except for talking to a cat near a lake.

When you talk to them, they'll say: "Hello, young one. I am Willowroot, of StarClan. It's a beautiful night, is it not? This lake-- This lake was my favorite spot in the entire forest before my death. I am afraid that I must leave you now. You will awake by Fourtrees. But do not cry at my departure. We will see each other again, when you join my kind." After that, you wake up at Fourtrees, just like the cat says.

StarClan also gives you gifts if you go to the Moonstone , as of V15 .

Note, if you intend on attempting to appear in StarClan (Version 11 or earlier), do NOT play as a rogue! Rogues cannot appear in StarClan! Doing that will only waste your time.


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