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What Clan Located: ThunderClan
Prey Close: Mice, thrushes
Dangers: Adders, dogs, Twolegs
Important Landmarks None
Important Quests: Finding Longkit

Snakerocks is part of ThunderClan territory. 


At Snakerocks you can find different kinds of prey, and adders, which you can't catch, yet they make you lose health points when stepped on. You can get hurt by an adder whether you're in stealth mode or not, though you may want to be in stealth mode to actually see where they are. Pouncing on them will make them disappear.

The other dangerous enemies found at Snakerocks (dogs and Twolegs) may hurt you even if you are not in stealth mode. Twolegs are worse than adders, taking health points rapidly. Snakerocks is one of the most dangerous places to hunt, and moreover should be avoided. The only reason you wouldn't avoid it would be for the quest, which is explained below.


The quest Finding Longkit may lead you here. If you are too late, there will only be a cross-shaped gravestone (where Longkit died).


A rock from Snake- rocks.


  • Since there is prey close to where Snakerocks is located without adders, it is almost pointless to hunt there.
  • This spot is popular for rogue clans, even though it is quite dangerous.

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