Clan Name: ShadowClan
Territory: Dark Marsh
Prey: Frogs, mice, thrushes, and squirrels.
Game Bonus: Hunting
Leader: Rotstar
Deputy: Jaggedtooth
Medicine Cat/Apprentice: Scarfur, Tatteredpelt

ShadowClan is a Clan the player can unlock for two bonus coins in their leader's Bonus Shop. After purchase, the player is allowed access to ShadowClan when making a new cat from death or from the Bonus Shop or becoming a rogue.

Clan Info

Living in the marsh, frogs are the most common prey, though thrushes can be found commonly in certain areas. ShadowClan warriors have a bonus in hunting, which makes hunting a lot easier. The two ShadowClan guards are Rockpaw and Shadefur. ShadowClan's recruiter, Palefrond, is directly south of camp and only appears if one has unlocked the clan from the Bonus Shop.


Throughout time, ShadowClan has been changed.

  • Mates added to camp.
  • Water added to Shadowclan camp.
  • Apprentices added.
  • Dens added.
  • Apprentices can graduate.
  • Recruit added, south of camp.
  • Kits added.


  • Bilepaw was removed as many complained of his/her name yet was soon replaced as Rockpaw.
  • ShadowClan's main difference to other clans is their selection of dark, evil names.
  •  ShadowClan is the only clan with a camp situated vertically.
  • ShadowClan has almost as much water as RiverClan, as they live in a swamp.

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