In the world of Warrior Cats: Untold Tales, there are four seasons, each lasting ten game days. (Or 90 minutes) 


New game files begin in the second day of summer (Greenleaf), then progress through fall/autumn (Leaf-fall), winter (Leaf-bare), spring (Newleaf), then circles back to summer. Each season has distinguishable features that change the scenery and coloration of the territories, as well as a few other things.


Summer (Greenleaf)

  • Green grass and trees
  • Fireflies (Night Only)
  • Music: Descent of the Moon (introductory), Rise of the Sun (thematic), and Light's Finale (final)
  • Abundant prey

Fall/Autumn (Leaf-fall)

  • Trees in autumn colors
  • Dry-looking grass
  • Dragonflies
  • Music: Autumn Showers (introductory), Wind in the Trees (thematic), and Days Grow Dark (final)
  • Slightly less prey

Winter (Leaf-bare)

  • Snow covering trees and grass
  • Music: First Snow (introductory), Cold Days and Dark Skies, (thematic), and Serenade on a Snowy Night (final)
  • Snow instead of rain
  • Prey is scarce, and herbs respawn less often
  • If the player is a Medicine Cat Assistant, they will receive a special quest in this season.

Spring (Newleaf)

  • Some pink, flowering cherry trees
  • Butterflies
  • Music: The Cherry Blossom (introductory), Joyous Days (thematic), and A Farewell to Spring (final)
  • Abundant prey


  • Seasons were implemented in V15, as well as the 'snowfall' weather.
  • Along with seasons came decorative bugs, such as Fireflies, Butterflies, and Dragonflies.
  • The gathering happens once every season, and always on Day 1 of the season.
  • New saves always start on Day 2 of Greenleaf.