Sandy Hollow
What Clan Located: ThunderClan
Prey Close: Mice, thrushes
Dangers: Enemy Cats (If you are not in ThunderClan)
Important Landmarks None
Important Quests: Apprentice Assessment

The Sandy Hollow is a part of ThunderClan territory. 

Apprentice Assessment

During the tutorial of the game, after talking to Skystar about reputation, your apprentice assessment will begin. You are first asked to hunt a mouse found in the area, pick it up, and give it to your mentor, Greystorm. There was a fatal bug in earlier versions, allowing you to eat the mouse and prevent the game from continuing on. This was later fixed by preventing you from eating the mouse. After that is successfully completed, you are asked to fight a computer-generated cat. You cannot die, and soon Greystorm will call the lesson to a close, giving you your full warrior name.


Although it lacks usefulness after the tutorial, it is still a good hunting spot, as thrushes appear quite often. It makes a decent rogue den as well, but Thunderclan cats will spawn often. Your cat cannot, however, train here after the tutorial mode. You can train your apprentice to hunt in here, but it is like in other tiles and will not make any special textboxes appear. Since ThunderClan cats spawn here often, you can also train your apprentice to fight in here if you are not in ThunderClan. But if you do, watch your apprentice, you don't want them to die!

Even if your cat buys Mentor Mode from the bonus shop, they don't have to train their apprentice here. However, it is a safe place to teach your cat's apprentice to hunt if you are in ThunderClan.


  • Your cat's mentor, Greystorm, later becomes ThunderClan's recruiter, and resides one tile north of the hollow.

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