So your wondering how to create a rogue clan? Simple! in just a few steps you'll have your own clan.

  1. Gather some brambles that are found on the moor, three brambles make one thicket ;Which can be used for camp walls.
  2. Once your finished with the base of your camp collect some moss, you can do this by going to four-trees and scratching the trees.
  3. To attract cats you will need to do a bit of hunting, put down the moss where ever you want and then place the prey onto the moss. This will attract rogues and loners to come and join! With your cats you can rename then , get them to follow you around and even use them for battles with the four existing clans.

If you would like to have a mate and kits in your clan that's easy too;

    1. Find as much prey as you can and put it down onto a moss bed.

2. Once your finished that find at least 2-4 shiny things.

3. Go to sleep.

If you don't find any possible mate there then leave it and sleep again when night comes, sometimes this will take a while but don't worry soon a cat will come.

4. Once a cat that their name cannot be changed arrives, give them shiny things, prey , and herbs. After doing this for every night go to sleep. Eventually they will ask you to be their mate.

A kit will appear, it randomizes from male or female. You will get the chance to name it and only once.

The kit will at first be drowsy and sleepy but if you talk to it every day you can notice that as it gets older it will talk. It will grow from a kit to apprentice to a warrior.

I hope this helped a lot!

~ OakHeartIsBae

Rouge clan-0

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