Reasoning: There is a page about Rogues/Loners that has a section explaining death. This page isn't needed.

Dying as a clan cat is particularly different from dying as a rogue. If you die as a clan cat, you can beg the medicine cat to heal yourself with simply five reputation. If you have less then five reputation/have a kit you basically reset. The names may or may not reset, depends on if you have a kit or not. As a rogue,  either your clan dies if you die, but with a kit, the clan may not die, but your previous mate/now mother/father will leave likely due to being depressed after your parent's death. If having a rogue clan/group, you basically become the leader, instead of the 'deputy'(If you have one..) But for either deaths, any deaths, all objects stay in the save. (Unless something other then your clan tramples it.)

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