Reasoning: Other pages about rogues explain how to create a rogue camp.First off- How to become a rouge, Sky star says how to get kicked out on something, eat too much prey, buy too many herbs, or even eat too many prey out in the wild. When it says you get kicked out of the clan, click the button that lets you play as rouge.

Then find a place you want to make your den, when you find a place, click the button on the top right/left corner that says something like: Create Den or Make Den.

Then you have to get thickets, (Tip: Three brambles make one thicket!), after you get a few, you have to place them in the shape of your clan camp. Place moss anywhere you want to.

If your camp place clan cats come often or sometimes, I suggest putting cats near the holes where cats can fit in. (Tip: Place prey items on moss to have a chance for a cat spawning there!)

And if you were wondering on how to get a mate in a rouge camp, place a shiny thing/gold ring with a red gem on a patch of moss instead of prey.

That's my tut tut!

One more thing..... to get shiny things, they usually spawn by two leg paths and thunder paths

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