This is a Warrior Cats Untold Tales Policy wrote by an Admin. Please be noted we have the right to delete any questionable material without prior warning. Edits will be made to this, so we suggest you stop by and read often.

Userpages are your own profile pages used to express what you like and your opinions.


The contents of your userpage should contain no:

  • Offensive language, cussing.
  • Sexist or racist comments or jokes.
  • Nothing above PG 13.

A good rule of thumb is to not put anything on your profile you wouldn't want your grandmother to see.


  • No offensve pictures or video
  • No gang symbols
  • Should contain no cussing
  • Nothing innapropriate


  • You may have up to five videos on your userpage.
  • No offensive or violent action
  • Blood is fine, but you MUST put a blood warning
  • No gang symbols
  • Also should contain no cursing


  • Use your own plan of action! You can think if something should be posted or not, if you still can't figure it out, it's really best not to put it on.
  • We can edit your pages if we think it best without any proir warning.
  • We are not responsible for what oher people post.
  • You can take it upon yourself to make sure this wiki is clean by reporting to us! (Admins)

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