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A cat can, as of v.15, have one of 24 pelts. Most are unlockable through the bonus shop, but everyone starts with the same eight basic colors of white, light gray, dark gray, black, orange, ginger, navy blue, and brown.
Pelt color Shop picture Picture Purchase Location Cost Pelt Designer
White White White2White 1White 2


0 Falconstar
Light Gray Grey LightgreyLightgrey 1Lightgrey2 Free 0 Falconstar
Dark Gray Grey2 DarkgreyDarkgrey1Darkgrey2 Free 0 Falconstar
Black Black Black2Black1Black 2 Free 0 Falconstar
Orange Orange Orange2Orange1Orange 2 Free 0 Falconstar
Ginger Something DarkorangeDarkorange1Darkorange2 Free 0 Falconstar
Brown Brown Brown2Brown1Brown 2 Free 0 Falconstar
Navy Blue Blue DarkblueDarkblue1Darkblue2 Free 0 Falconstar
Silver Tabby Silvertabby2 SilvertabbySilvertabby1Silvertabby 2 Bonus Shop 3 DeathRose
Two-tone Gray Twotonegrey2 TwotonegreyTwotone grey1Twotone grey2 Bonus Shop 3 DeathRose
Mottled Gray Mottledgrey2
Mottled Gray Side
Bonus Shop 3 Loveleaf
Black & White Blackandwhite Black and white
Bonus Shop 3 Falconstar
Tan TanBox Tan2
Bonus Shop 2 Falconstar
Lavender Lavender Lavender2 Bonus Shop 3 Falconstar
Light Blue Gray Lightbluepelt
Bonus Shop 2 Falconstar
Calico Calico3 Calico2Calico1Calico 2 Bonus Shop 3


Golden Spots Golden spots Goldenspotted
Bonus Shop 3 Loveleaf
Orange Tabby Orange tabby3 OrangetabbyOrangetabby1Orangetabby2 Bonus Shop 2 DeathRose
Orange & White Orange and white3 Orange and white2
Bonus Shop 2 Falconstar
Ginger Spots Orange spots3 Orange spots2Orangespots1Orangespots2 Bonus Shop 2 Loveleaf
Leopard Leopard3 Leopard2Leopard1Leopard 2 Bonus Shop 4 DeathRose
Blue Tabby Blue tabby3 BluetabbyBluetabby1Bluetabby2 Bonus Shop 3 DeathRose
Cowhide Cowhide Tkee
Kittypet Bonus Shop 200 leaves Brownfur
Brown Splotches Brownsplotch Cowhidepeltfixed
Kittypet Bonus Shop 200 leaves SpottedLeopard

Dark Brown Tabby & White Pelt

Secret name combination Free 
Tiger Pelt

Secret name combination



Special Pelt Colors

Cat who Has the Pelt Image Color Designer
Ember - Obtainable through secret name combination Ember EmberDown Ember3 DeathRose


  • The coat, "Mottled gray", used to be mottled on one side and tabby on the other. As of v15, this is no longer the case and the pelt is now completely tabby.
  • Falconstar has also told of three other secret pelts that can be unlocked. They can only be seen on the forum with an account.
  • In V15, there are two pelts that can't be obtained --Pandaspirit's and Dark's. Dark's pelt is black with pink inside his ear, while the pelt available to players is just plain black.
  • There are seven tabby pelts: Ember (secret), ginger, blue, silver, brown (secret), and tiger (secret). The mottled gray is also strikingly tabby-like, and may be considered one of the tabby pelts.
  • Some cats that you encounter from other clans might have the Cowhide and Brown Splotches pelt, even though you can only obtain it by being a kittypet.
  • Some encountered cats can also have the Tiger Pelt.
  • If you name your cat Firestar or Untoldtales, you will unlock the Tiger Pelt and the Dark Brown Tabby & White Pelt respectively.
  • If you name your cat Ember, your cat will have her pelt and you cannot change your pelt or eye color, regardless if you change your name, until you create a new cat.