This part of the walkthrough will take you through how to download the game, controls, and how to make a cat. This walkthrough assumes you have no cats and that it is your first time playing.

Downloading the Game

The game can be downloaded here. To download, hit the green "download now"  button in the black info box. After clicking, a new page will popup. Again, press the green "download now" button in the bottom left hand corner. The download should begin immediately. The file is most likely in your download folder. 

After finding the file, double click it to run the program. Click "New Game" after it loads and choose a save file.

Please note: If you use a mac, a windows emulator is needed to play Warrior Cats Untold Tales. The most recommended is Bootcamp.


Up arrow and W: Move cat up

Left arrow and A: Move cat left

Down arrow and S: Move cat down

Right arrow and D: Move cat right

Enter: Drinking over water, picking up items on the ground, unburying items.

Ctrl: Talk to cats, interact with objects

Shift: Enter hunting mode.

Spacebar: Attack

Making a Cat

Making a Clan Cat

First, you must choose your clan. Most likely, ThunderClan will be the only clan that is unlocked. Click on this clan and you will be taken to a page where you can pick your pelt and eye color. Pick both to your liking, and know that both can be changed later with Pandaspirit. After choosing, hit the next button to name your cat. When naming for the first time, you only add the prefix to your name. In example, if you wish to have a cat named "Spottedclaw", type "Spotted" into the box. You will be able to change this later with Coco. You will also have to pick your gender, which will not be able to be changed. Hit continue.

Making a Rogue

The first time you boot up the game, you will not be able to create a rogue directly unless you check the "Skip Tutorial" box near the bottom of the start up screen. if you do this, on the clan selection screen, there will be a fifth option, "Play as a Rogue." Pick this. You will then be asked to pick your pelt and eye color. After doing this, hit next in order to name and pick the gender for your cat. It is important to note that if you want a rogue name, you will only be able to put the first couple letters of your name. For example, if you want your rogue name to be Leaf, write "Le" the first time.  Click next. You will be presented with another naming screen. Continuing with the Leaf example, write "af" to complete your name. Hit continue.