Name: Pandaspirit
Species: Cat
Clan: None
Found by: Fourtrees
Rarity: Uncommon

Pandaspirit is a NPC character who occasionally appears at Fourtrees.


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Pandaspirit's dialogue box, as well as her appearance.

Pandaspirit is a black-and-white cat with a mohawk-like rainbow "mane". She is famous for her ability to dye any cat's fur and is always surrounded by bowls and vials of dye. She can change your cat's eyes and pelt to any color your cat has unlocked. Like Coco, she appears randomly throughout the season and only stays at Fourtrees for one day at a time, however occasionally she will appear for two days in a row.

On days when Pandaspirit arrives at Fourtrees, your cat's Clan guards (when spoken to) will alert them by telling them something about spotting a cat surrounded by bowls and vials at Fourtrees.

She appears on....

- 6th of green-leaf

- 9th of green-leaf

- 10th of green-leaf

- 2nd of leaf-fall

- 3rd of leaf-fall

- 8th of leaf-fall

- 10th of leaf-fall

- 3rd of leaf-bare

- 4th of leaf-bare

- 8th of new-leaf


  • If you're in a Clan, your Clan's guards will inform your cat of Pandaspirit's appearance at Fourtrees.
  • She is one of only two cats whose pelts are unattainable, the other being Dark, as his pelt is darker than the default black pelt and has pink inside his ear.
  • If your pelt has been automatically switched to Ember's (Find Coco and rename your cat "Ember"), you will no longer be able to change your pelt color by talking to Pandaspirit. Your color will stay this way until you make a new cat.

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