Object Information
Object Name: Moss
Object Summary: Used for a rogue's bedding and drinking source
Territory Found in: All
At every tree, claw until it comes off. Time varies.

Moss is used as bedding for rogue camps to help attract other rogues into your clan. Moss is also a water source, that can be carried around.

Where to find Moss

Moss is never truly found. Instead, it is something the player must actively achieve. In order to get moss, you must claw at a tree several times until it drops moss. The times that you must claw at the tree to get moss is random, meaning it cannot be predicted. If you don't pickup the moss after it has been dropped, the tree will not drop anymore moss until either you or an NPC cat picks it up.

Purpose and Effect


A dead tree giving the player moss after being scratched

Moss is a good drinking source that can never be too far away. Moss can be carried around and put down as a water source, making it safer to go in areas with no water sources around. Moss is very important for starting rogue clans. In order to attract rogues into your camp, you must lay prey items on top of moss near a thicket. Moss also plays the part of brambles which in versions earlier than v14, provided some bedding and also a thicket when bunched together.


  • Giving moss to your mate will make them more likely to have a kit.
  • There are currently four ways to get rid of moss. One is to place it right in front of another clan cat and they will pick it up, the other is to place it on the Thunderpath, where a monster will get it. The next way is to bury the moss, since you can't unbury it.  The last way is to pawn it off to a clan recruiter. (Greystorm in ThunderClan, Pebblelake in RiverClan, Palefrond in ShadowClan, or Swiftleap in WindClan.)
  • Even though clan cats can get moss, there is no reason for them to seek it as it does not appear in any quests, nor rewards reputation.
  • Buried moss can't be unburied, but it still seems to be drinkable.
  • Moss now has a less spongy look in v15.
  • You can't press enter to drink the moss; you have to click "drink" at the top left corner when on top of the moss.
  • If you use your claws on the sign to enter Mothermouth at the top of the map, it gives you moss. Surprisingly, the sign for the Mothermouth entrance is invisible in rogue mode, but you can still get moss by clawing it.
  • Tree stumps and logs will not give you moss, but dead trees and fourtrees will