Moonstone and Mothermouth
What Clan Located: StarClan Territory, WindClan location
Prey Close: None
Dangers: None
Important Landmarks Mothermouth, Thunderpath
Important Quests: None

The Moonstone is in an underground cave called Mothermouth, which serves as the entrance to the Moonstone.


Mothermouth is a grassy area near the west end of the Thunderpath. It is the tunnel used to find the Moonstone. The Moonstone is located inside Mothermouth. Every sixteen days in the game, you can talk to the Moonstone for a randomly selected reward. This location can be reached only by Clan cats, although leaders and medicine cats never go there in the game.

The Moonstone appears to be a cluster of large, white crystals glowing white in many directions.

Getting to the Moonstone

The moonstone, as described in the book, is a stone that is deep underground. However, reaching the Moonstone in the book is much harder than in the game. You can find a sign next to the west end of the Thunderpath, as a Clan cat, and can visit Mothermouth by pressing <ctrl> next to the sign in WindClan territories.



  • The Moonstone was introduced into the game along with Moss and Mothermouth in V14.
  • The journey to Moonstone is not as long in the game as to the books.
  • The Moonstone and Mothermouth were first revealed in Developer Diaries in the Untold Tales Forum.
  • As a rogue, you cannot see the sign, but if you try to walk over the spot it is in, it will block you.
  • If you claw the sign, you'll get moss. This will still happen if you are a rogue, even though you cannot see the sign.
  • As of V15,  the love reward has been replaced with experience.