Name: Horse
Species: Horse
Clan: None
Found by: RiverClan territory
Rarity: Very common

Horses are creatures only found in RiverClan territory. They can't move, cause damage, be interacted with, or die.


Horses are found in RiverClan territory. They are always there, year-round, making them incredibly common.

Horses cannot hurt the player, unlike dogs, snakes, and twolegs. Horses also can't be hurt, making them invincible. They do nothing but stand in the fields in RiverClan territory, and are not involved in any missions. They are not mentioned by any of the NPCs, almost as if they don't exist.


  • Horses are one of the few invincible creatures in the game.
  • The horses all sport the same palomino coat color.
  • Horses aren't dangerous, so they won't attack you like dogs or other NPC enemies.
  • They have a 'Clanless Cat' symbol and the name 'Horse'.
  • Horses disappear from the tile they are standing in at 8:00 PM
  • As a rogue, if you build your den in the tile a horse is standing in, the horse will disappear.

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