George is an elderly male Twoleg who you can talk with to become a kittypet. He owns the cats Ember and Fuzzy, both of whom you can talk to. You may only see George when Ember takes you to her Twoleg nest.

Name: George
Species: Human (Twoleg)
Clan: None
Found by: Following Ember (Twoleg nest)
Rarity: Always There



What George says after you agree to become a kittypet

After Ember takes you to her home, you must talk to George to become a kittypet. If you do, he lays out food and water bowls, which you can use like drinking water, that fill your hunger and thirst bars up instantly. George also allows you in his house if you agree to become his kittypet. 

George acts as the Clan leader, allowing you to save your game. He also acts as an elder, allowing you to trade in 100 leaves for a bonus coin, but he can't show you the bonus shop.


  • George is the only Twoleg who will not hurt you, other than the ones in the Twoleg Camp in RiverClan.
  • You cannot find George anywhere but Ember's home.
  • If you let Thrash, the BloodClan cat, into George's closet, he won't know about it.
  • If you leave the house, George will not react.