New-Leaf Gathering
What Clan Located: All
Prey Close: Mice, Squirrels, Thrushes
Dangers: None
Important Landmarks Fourtrees
Important Quests: Change your pelt and eyes color, change name, and gain experience
Fourtrees is a large hollow at the center of all four Clan territories. At its edges stand four tall trees, one for each non-rogue Clan.


In Untold Tales, there is a perpetual truce at Fourtrees. No cat will ever attack you there, regardless of what Clan you come from. (Even rogues are safe within the hollow) Fourtrees is also rich in prey, making it a great place to hunt if you're willing to make the journey to the center of the forest.

Events at Fourtrees


If you go to Fourtrees on the first day of every season, you will see the four Clan leaders speaking to a huge group of cats. Press CTRL to bring up a message box that says "You have been awarded bonus experience points for visiting the Gathering this month." It will also display the total number of experience points your cat has earned and the total number of days s/he has been alive.




Coco is a black cat with a white chest and paws. She has the power to change your name to whatever you wish, so if you are unhappy with your name, talk to her. She appears randomly throughout the season and stays at Fourtrees for one day at a time.




Pandaspirit is a black-and-white cat with a mohawk-like rainbow "mane". She can change your eyes and pelt to any color you've unlocked. Like Coco, she appears throughout the season and stays at Fourtrees for one day at a time.


Trainer Tune

Trainer Tune

A trainer named Tune will appear at Fourtrees when you are a rogue. She will teach you skills in exchange for experience points, just like the Clan trainers do.


  • If you ask Coco to rename your  cat "Falconstar",  the name will appear as "Nicetryhacker" instead.
  • You cannot change your pelt color from Pandaspirit if your pelt color is Ember's pelt regardless if you rename your cat.
  • Rogues were once able to make their camps at Fourtrees, but this feature was removed in v15.
  • Even though days on a gathering are supposed to be peaceful, you can still fight other patrols outside of Fourtrees on the day of the gathering.
  • Strangely, even if you are a rogue, you can still attend Gatherings without being killed. It is possible this is so because Gatherings are meant to have no violence, even though the player is a rogue and not a part of the clans.  

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