The death screen.

Death is what happens when a cat severely injures themselves or starves. The player can choose to get the medicine cat to revive them for 5 reputation, or make a new cat when this happens.

Causes of Death

A cat can die if:

  • they are hit by a monster on the Thunderpath
  • they don't eat/drink anything and eventually die of hunger/thirst
  • they are killed in battle
  • they are killed by an adder, twoleg or dog
  • they get too close to the guards for a Clan that they aren't in


  • If you are a rogue, you are not given the option to pay the medicine cat to revive you. Instead, you are forced to make a new cat, or exit the game and continue from your last save.
  • In battle, after you severely injure another cat (they'll be lying down with an X on them), if you keep attacking them, they will eventually turn into a gravestone, meaning the cat has died. Any of your rogue allies, or your apprentice, do not need to be continuously attacked. They will die simply from being severely injured.
  • As a rogue, if a Clan cat gets too close to one of the rogues in your camp (not one following you), they will become injured instantly, like entering a camp that is not yours.

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