Darkblue Please be noted this is a Real-World Article and not part of the Game

White2 Dawnleaf is an admin on the Warrior Cats Untold Tales Forum and a fan since v9.


Dawnleaf found Warrior Cats Untold Tales on Google when the game was on version nine. She joined the Warrior Cats Untold Tales forums and became an admin when she won a poll on who would become the next admins. Riverpool also made that vote.


Loveleaf interviewed Dawnleaf. This is the orginal interview and no text was edited. It was only formatted.

How and when did you start playing Warrior Cats, Untold Tales?
I found it on google and started playing since v9.

What is your normal Cat pelt and name? What's your favorite pelt?
My normal pelt is white and name is Dawnleaf. My favorite pelt is the Leopard pelt.

How has this game affected your life? What have you worked on now that you are a fan?
It made me think of Warriors in a new way. I have been trying to show people the game.

What are your complete honest thoughts on this game?
I love the gme and it is fun for who are fans of Warriors.

Anything else you wish to put out there? To any of the other fans?
The game expresses and you feel like you are in a prophocy. No.


  • Even though her favorite pelt is the Leopard pelt, her normal pelt is white.
  • Dawnleaf won 17.6% of votes, winning second place.
  • Dawnleaf got 20 votes out of 113.