Challenge Mode
Effect On Cat Life
  • Size of an apprentice
  • Fighting skills weaken
  • Hunting skills weaken
  • Harder to survive

Challenge Mode was developed to give bored players a chance to do something that requires a little bit more skill.


Challenge Mode puts you in the paws of being an apprentice again for 5 bonus coins (100 Reputation). Your attacks are weaker, and your hunting skills are weakened. However, if it proves too hard, you can turn it off via the Bonus Shop.

River mentor challenge

A challenge-mode cat with Mentor Mode on



  • It was renamed 'Challenge Mode' after some confusion with its former name 'Apprentice Mode', as players thought it caused the player to literally become a warrior's apprentice, in which you sought things for one's mentor.
  • If you become a rogue when in Challenge Mode, you will be stuck in it until you either make a new cat or rejoin a clan.
  • Despite Challenge Mode supposedly making you an Apprentice again, if the player has Mentor Mode, they can still turn it on while being in Challenge Mode.

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