What Clan Located: ShadowClan
Prey Close: Mice, frogs, thrushes, rabbits, squirrels
Dangers: Enemy cats
Important Landmarks None
Important Quests: Herbs, shiny things

The Carrionplace is a trash dump in ShadowClan territory that provides free and safe food.


It is found one tile east of the western Thunderpath entrance, which hosts the sign that takes your cat to Mothermouth.

Brambles and Horsetail are plentiful around the Carrionplace, and shiny things can found to the tile right of it.

You can place your den in Carrionplace as a rogue. However, you cannot hunt inside it, but hunt-able prey will appear right outside the Carrionplace walls. Dead prey appears inside the Carrionplace mostly every day. Windclan and Shadowclan cats will commonly attack you outside of the Carrionplace. With the exception of fish, every type of prey is found here - squirrels, rabbits and thrushes being the rarest and mice and frogs being the most common.


  • In older versions, Version 3, for example, the Carrionplace had no door, so it was impossible to get the prey from there.
  • Unlike in the books, eating food from the Carrionplace is completely safe and will not poison or kill you.