Bonus Coins and Shop

What the Bonus Shop looks like

Effect On Cat Life
  • Have Special Pelts
  • Play in other Clans
  • Mentor an Apprentice
  • Make the Game more Challenging
  • Make a new cat
  • Turn Music Off
Bonus Coins and the Bonus Shop will let you unlock features in the game such as new Clans or pelt colors.

NOTE: if you are a Rogue/Loner then you cannot access the bonus shop. EXCEPT in Version 13 where you could 'Invade RiverClan's Bonus Shop.'

Bonus Coins and Bonus Shop

Bonus coins can be bought for 20 Reputation from the Clan elder or for 100 leaves from George. As of now, you cannot purchase anything for one bonus coin, but you may for two. The Bonus Shop can be accessed by talking to your Clan leader and pressing backspace.

What you can get for free

  • Make a New Cat
  • Turn off Music

What you Can unlock with Two Bonus Coins

  • Tan Pelt
  • Light Blue Gray Pelt
  • Orange Tabby Pelt
  • Orange and White Pelt
  • Orange Spots Pelt
  • ShadowClan
  • RiverClan
  • WindClan
  • Mentor Mode

What you Can unlock with Three Bonus Coins

  • Silver Tabby Pelt
  • Two-tone Gray Pelt
  • Mottled Gray Pelt
  • Black and White Pelt
  • Lavender Pelt
  • Calico Pelt
  • Golden Spotted Pelt
  • Blue Tabby Pelt

What you Can unlock with Four Bonus Coins

  • Leopard Pelt

What you Can unlock with Five Bonus Coins

Kittypet Bonus Shop

While a kittypet, you can exchange 100 leaves for a bonus coin. The currency for the Kittypet Bonus Shop is simply leaves you catch. The whole space could be defined as the shop, as you simply press <ctrl> when near it to purchase.

What you Can Buy for 100 Leaves

  • A Bonus Coin (In the front yard, talk to George)

What you Can Buy for 200 Leaves

  • Cowhide Pelt Color (Front yard)
  • Brown Splotches Pelt Color (Front Yard)

What you Can Buy for 300 Leaves

  • A Collar

What you Can Buy for 500 Leaves

  • A Dog-Tooth Collar from Dark (In BloodClan alley, a black cat with a dog-tooth collar)


  • For your unlocked items to carry over and be usable on a new cat, you must use the "Make a new Cat" setting in the Bonus Shop, or you die in game.
  • You need 40 reputation to go to the Twoleg nest with Ember and become a kittypet.
  • A rogue cannot access The Bonus Shop. However, there is a glitch in Version 13 that allows a rogue to enter the RiverClan camp and purchase unlimited Bonus Coins, since you had unlimited reputation as a rogue.
    • In Version 13, you could use stepping stones to infiltrate RiverClan camp as a rogue and go to the bonus shop. However, this created many glitches and was fixed in later versions.
    • Despite this, rogues can still turn off the music in the tile their den is in.
  • You need to allow Thrash to raid George's closet to buy the Dog-Tooth collar from Dark.

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